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Livestreamed Yoga Sessions: schedule expanding

You can view our Livestreaming in-studio Class schedule here. Once we are fully established in this reduced number of classes, Karen will be adding some of the following sessions to the schedule, which will streamed LIVE from the Kirkness home shala:

  • 90 Minute Low Flow (Monday mornings 10 - 11:30)
    • Join Karen for a powerful sequencing improv working around functional movement principles with variations of crouch, squat, lunge, and grounding postures that pair stability with fluidity. The sequencing is inspired by Karen's research around the axial matrix, opening and awakening movement through the myofascial slings. Not suitable for complete beginners.
  • 60 Minute Riff on Intermediate Ashtanga (1pm - 2pm Saturdays)
    • Join Karen for 60 minutes working around a section of postural yoga flow based on the Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. Suitable for those with Ashtanga experience.
  • 30 Minutes of Arm Balancing (5pm on Fridays)
    • Stop, drop, and balance on your...
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Livestreaming: Our Timetable Goes Online

We are currently working on our Livestream capabilities to offer high-quality sound and video experiences of yoga classes and workshops live from the studio. This live-stream option will be offered in addition to the in-person experience of attending classes at our studio in Edinburgh.

Classes will be booked through MBO as normal, simply check our class timetable over the next few days you'll start to see our Livestream options appear.

Here's where we're at so far:

Vimeo Livestream will let us give our clients access to classes as we scale back our capacity on in-person attendance from 23/03/2020. We'll be using Vimeo Livestream for the March YTT weekends.

Zoom Webinar is a fantastic platform allowing our fellow yoga students to dial in and practice yoga from anywhere in the world, all in one virtual "room." Our intention is to use the Zoom format for widening our ability to practice together with those who are self-isolating. Zoom will also be our chosen platform for...

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