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Mysore program Autumn updates

Our Mysore program director Emma Isokivi is about to go on mat leave, so writing some exciting updates and plans for what the next few months will look like for our Mysore program at Meadowlark. You can stay very up-to-date with information via our Mysore monthly newsletter sign up here and Facebook private group

Hi folks! 

2022 has been a wonderful so far and not boring specifically for me and my family and now imminently expecting baby no.2. 

Our Mysore community goes from strength to strength and it's been a joy to grow the program again post-pandemic into a full and fruitful community again with the support of our Mysore teachers/assistants.


As expected lots of you have been asking, who's teaching when I'm away. Good question!  Here are the plans below...

  • My plan is to return in February 2023 and also be at the shala for Friday pranayama/chanting and monthly community conference before then.  During the next few months, we have some incredible guest teachers coming to do week long stints in our early morning Mysore room as a part of the regular program and also our very experienced cohort of Mysore teachers and assistants will be stepping up to run the room some other dates.  
  • I've taken great care over who I've chosen to guest teach in our Mysore room at Meadowlark. The teacher's below are all 20+ year Ashtanga practitioners but all have taught Mysore programs worldwide long term from beginners to 3rd+ series. The all come with a student-centred approach rather than overly strict dogmatic teaching of this Ashtanga method. They will all take time to get to know you, your body and needs and be open to communication around teaching and adjustments at all times. Enjoy the diversity and inspiration! 


Guest teachers in the next few months

  •  First up is Lauren Munday, from Astanga Yoga London who will be guest teaching in the early room from Sunday 16th October for one week, she will also be running a great workshop on Saturday 22nd also. 
    •  Lauren is a very experienced teacher, down to earth, trauma sensitive and approachable teacher. I've known her for around 10 years from trips to Mysore and London and know she will love working with you all. 


  •   24th-27th November and 1st-4th December Matt Ryan from England will also be doing two shorter stints in the Mysore room alongside a special workshop on Saturday 3rd Dec also
    • I've got no doubt Matt will bring a lot of fun to the Mysore room (ex DJ and father of 4!), teacher of 20+ years (L2 Authorised) and very long time practitioner he also dives deep into Zen Buddhism and cold water swimming...


  •  17th- 30th January, Rich Ray will be teaching the early morning room for 2 weeks. Some of you might remember Kate O'Donnell from previous years and fills our bookshelves at Meadowlark with Ayurvedic wisdom, Kate and Rich are partners and co-taught program in the USA for 20+years and excited both of them coming back to Meadowlark in January to share their vast knowledge with you all. 
    • Read more about Rich via his workshops on the 21/22nd Jan it's full of 30+ years of practice, David Garrigues first student and how he spent 4 years in a silent Buddhist monastery! 
    • Rich and Matt Ryan did a great podcast recently together listen to it here to get to know them both- totally coincidence that they are both guest teaching at our shala soon and reminds us our Ashtanga world ain't so big...  


Beyond guest teachers

Amy Hughes will continue to support our growing online Mysore community- our community online reaches far and wide across the Europe and we love this part of our program.  If you want to join us online more details are here. Amy will be teaching a few extra days in studio when in Edinburgh also. 

PM Mysore with Kirsten Waugh (M/W/F 17:30) and later morning Mysore (Tue/Thur/Friday 09:30) with Vanessa Rigby continues as normal. 

  • Sunday's: Karen Kirkness & Devon Taylor
  • Monday & Wednesday: Vanessa 
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Karen or Kirsten will be in the 06:30am room, and Vanessa will be teaching from 08:00. 
  • Friday Led 07:00- Jenn Usher, 08:45 Chanting & pranayama with Emma, Yashodha Govindaraju and Vanessa (and guest teachers!).

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