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Mysore program Autumn updates

Our Mysore program director Emma Isokivi is about to go on mat leave, so writing some exciting updates and plans for what the next few months will look like for our Mysore program at Meadowlark. You can stay very up-to-date with information via our Mysore monthly newsletter sign up here and Facebook private group

Hi folks! 

2022 has been a wonderful so far and not boring specifically for me and my family and now imminently expecting baby no.2. 

Our Mysore community goes from strength to strength and it's been a joy to grow the program again post-pandemic into a full and fruitful community again with the support of our Mysore teachers/assistants.


As expected lots of you have been asking, who's teaching when I'm away. Good question!  Here are the plans below...

  • My plan is to return in February 2023 and also be at the shala for Friday pranayama/chanting and monthly community conference before then.  During the next few months, we...
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Getting Back on the Mat

Frankie Culpin gives us an insight into the practice she turns to when she's getting back on the mat and why it works for her; and some tips on how you can get back into your practice.

So many things can take us away from our practice and I'm sure that most long-time yoga practitioners have had periods of hiatus. I have a short and accessible practice that I enjoy and therefore use to coax myself back on the mat if for one reason or another I’ve not managed to practice for a while.

I won’t write out the whole practice in full, but it includes:

Starting in Easy Pose (Sukhasana) or sitting on my heels in Vrjasana and doing some chest and shoulder openers, gentle side stretches and twists.

Before making my way into Mountain Pose (Tadasana), I like to dangle and sway in a rag doll forward fold before taking my time to slowing roll up to stand.

Sun Salutations with low lunges

Core warm-up work such as Sphinx roll-ups

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Lunges-low lunges then high lunges...

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Pregnancy and the Mysore Room: do they go together?

Director of Meadowlark's Morning Mysore Programme, Sarah Hatcher, shares her experience and knowledge of practicing whilst pregnant in the Mysore room, and the various paths you can take if you would like to practice yoga if you are expecting.

“Simply trust the body and follow the breath.” Judy Cameron, Yoga of Birth

The Mysore room is the melting pot of transformation: when you walk in you immediately feel the heat, hear the music of people’s ujjayi breath, and witness bodies moving in the space with rhythm and pace. And you are pregnant. Do you belong in here?

You’re very welcome to be pregnant and practice in the Mysore room at Meadowlark Yoga. If you’re not here in Edinburgh, speak with your Mysore teacher about practicing as each programme is different; some Mysore programmes don’t want pregnant mammas in the room. This may be the case if the teacher isn’t prenatal trained or they haven’t had a baby of their own. The Mysore room,...

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