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ashtanga mysore yoga Mar 20, 2020
On Sunday the 20th of March we transitioned our whole Mysore program online, so that we can continue to support our community long term during the covid-19 pandemic. 
This is so we can continue to safely provide community, focus, accountability and steadiness for your practice.  We need our practices more than we ever have before, as we navigate through one of the most uncertain times in modern history.  We care about each and everyone of you, way beyond the āsana and are committed to keeping our Mysore community at Meadowlark healthy and strong. 
See the details below for our schedule- including a new beginners option and information of how to join us.


Current as of 10th June 
  • Monday- Thursday:
Mysore taught hours 0630-1030.
Amy/ Emma will chant mantra/sutras 0830-0840.  Please continue your practice while soaking up all the sweet energy or join in. 
Opening Ashtanga invocation at 0630 & 0840.  
Monday’s 0630- Namaskar A/B and standing asanas guided into Mysore. 
  • PM Mysore:
Monday: 1730-1900.  Half led primary series with pranayama. 
Wednesday: 1730-1900. Mysore practice. 
Opening invocation at 1730 with Kirsten
  • Friday: 
Live taught led class: 
0730, 1000 & 1830. 
Friday full Bhakti pranayama, chanting & philosophy 0905-0945. Free. 
  • Sunday: 
0730-1030 Mysore
Free community conference chanting & philosophy 1030-1115.
0915-1015 Beginners Mysore Introduction (details below) 

Moon days apply to AM Mysore (not PM)


Click on the link: 
All our Mysore offerings are on this meeting code.  (Beginners see below).
  • This is live streamed and not recorded. 
  •  This is only for your fellow dedicated regular Meadowlark Mysore practitioners. 
  •  Please mute your side of the channel, if direct dialogue and guidance needed, unmute and ask your teacher questions as needed.  
  • We will be able to see you (if you choose to use video) and will offer support and guidance. 
    • This method is about supporting our regular practitioners who already know how to practice with some maturity.  We will provide you with support, accountability and community to be able to find steadiness and growth in this unusual time.  
    • Just like the Mysore room keep communicating with your teacher, use the chat feature in Zoom, unmute yourself to talk or drop us an email later in the day also.
- Please sign into classes as normal on MBO with your passes/ drop-ins whether you are joining us in person or online.  More details below. 

Here are two options for your payments below:
  • We are inviting our Mysore students who can continue to keep paying their regular passes as before.  We believe what we offer as a Mysore community is unique, for you as a practitioner, and we need your help in these months to sustain our program and yoga shala for the long term for everyone. 
  •  We are aware that this is a financially tough time and many of our students may not be able to afford this.  We will happily honour a full 25% discount for those in financial need.
    • Unlimited online mysore: £90. 
    • X3 per week mysore £60.
    • 5/10/drop-in passes with a flat 25% discount on them.

We also invite any of you to openly without any hesitation or awkwardness to email Emma, our Mysore Director directly if you can’t afford to pay this also.  We have scholarships and discounted options for you all.


We are now offering a Sunday morning, semi-private (max 6 students) class at 0915-1015 where we will explore the beginning sequences of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Looking in detail at the breath and how to develop a practice safely for each individual practitioner. 
The details are here under Sunday: 
This will be on a different Zoom code to the rest of the Mysore schedule and will be sent out 2 hours before the class starts so sign up on MBO before this time window. 

In yoga and gratitude to you all,
Emma, Amy, Kirsten and the rest of our Mysore team x
Photo by Fi Phillips Photography

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